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"Marketing is just effective storytelling."

- Mark Victor Hansen, Author "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Every business has a story.

We help you tell yours.

With all the information bombarding your potential customers daily, is it a challenge to stand out and get your marketing message heard above the competitive roar? You bet!

Dudley Communications is here to help. We're experienced Marketing, Public Relations and Communications professionals - and enthusiastic business "story-tellers" - specializing in:

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Promotional Copywriting
  • Website Content Development
  • A story untold is a product unsold.

    Our expertise:   Listening for and illuminating the inherent uniqueness and "story" behind your company, product or service.

    Our passion: Translating your story into a clear, concise, consistent marketing message that is so compelling, your target customers wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.   (Want to know how? Read on.)

    Make every communication count.

    Does your brochure copy simply "toot your own horn?"

    Is your website content focused more on pushing product or services than addressing visitors’ specific needs — leaving them asking: "So? What’s in it for me?"

    Your advertising is doing its job if it makes prospects sit up and take notice by:
    1.  Capturing their attention and interest.
    2.  Communicating how you are uniquely qualified to help them.
    3.  Convincing them how you differ from your competitors.
    4.  Compelling them to buy from you - and only you.

    The rest of the story...

    If you aren’t telling your whole story, you may be "closing the book" on attracting new – and the right – customers.

    We know from 30 years of sales, marketing and copywriting experience that a clear, consistent, authentic message crafted around the specific needs of your target audience:

  • Eases your sales process.
  • Increases your bottom line.  (And isn’t that really the whole point?)
  • Find out how our methodical, strategic "positioning" process and expertise in marketing communications can transform your company’s "facts" into customer-centered solutions and sales.

    Please visit our Services page or contact us today.

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