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"Our existing website was edited and revised by Robin of Dudley Communications. Robin was instrumental in updating and bringing our website into a clearer vision and statement of what we offer in an easy to read format. She took her time to find out about our business and what we wanted to exactly and precisely communicate to our potential customers.

Robin had exceptional step-by-step methods of having us define who we are and what our business goals are. She listened to our concerns, paid close attention to detail and fine-tuned all of our work so that our entire website came together beautifully in "our own voice."

Robin was extremely accountable to both her work and us though this entire project. She followed through in a timely manner, within budget and her personalized customer service was over the top. Plus, she was fun to work with and made our project exciting.

We are extremely happy to have Robin on our team. We highly recommend you have Robin help you with any of your editing, writing and communications needs. Let her help you tell your story, you will be glad you did."

- Sincerely,
Hedy and Ross Hale
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Since 1974

Frequently Asked Questions.

This page outlines Dudley Communications’ approach as well as answering some questions we frequently receive. For additional information, please contact us.

Our Approach - What to expect when working with us.
Getting started.

How do you charge?
Do you have to learn about our business to write about it?
Who owns the writing?
I already have something written. Can you just touch it up?
Is everything we discuss confidential?

Our Approach - What to expect when working with us.

Marketing is not "magic," conjured up in an ad agency’s back office. It is simply a strategic formula of clear communication, creative know-how, common sense and timing – sprinkled with a little luck.

Our approach to marketing your business is straight-forward, inclusive and pragmatic.

We work with you in a collaborative partnership to reach your marketing goals on time and on budget with:

  • Open, honest communication. We don’t keep you in the dark about our process, or use "smoke and mirrors" tactics. (Although many of our marketing successes would have made Houdini proud.)
  • Mutual respect and shared knowledge. We don’t talk "at" you with "marketing-ese" mumbo-jumbo
  • Hard work and shared enthusiasm. – Your success is our success.
  • Using our own interactive information-gathering techniques – and complete confidentiality – we work closely with you to identify and develop your company’s competitive uniqueness.

    Then we translate that unique difference into a clear, compelling marketing message – your "story" – that serves as the centerpiece for all your branding, advertising, public relations and sales activities.

    In short, you know your business. We know marketing. We believe that by including you in our creative process, we actively empower you with information that will help us to help you better.

    Expertise grounded in "real world" experience.

    Our well-rounded business and marketing perspective reflects not only what we know, but where we’ve been – working "in the trenches" in a variety of industries, work environments and roles for 30 years:

  • Business Owner: Starting and growing 3 companies from the ground up.
  • Direct Sales: 30 years listening to learn what makes customers "tick."
  • Marketing: 20 years creating compelling messages to convert prospects into customers.
  • Customer Service: 30 years solving "real world" problems for real live people.
  • Copywriter: Engaged in our lifelong passion: Creative, persuasive & motivational writing.
  • Combine our knowledge with yours to make your business a true success story. Contact us to find out how.

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    Getting started. – As easy as 1-2-3.

    Step 1: Complementary Assessment Meeting.

    We offer an initial no charge consultation (usually lasting from 30 to 60 minutes), to make sure our talents and services are a good "fit" with your needs. This also provides the opportunity for both to see if our working "chemistry," communication styles and mutual objectives are compatible – an important element in the work we do.

    This is typically a face-to-face meeting, but the interview can also be done by phone, if meeting in person isn’t practical due to distance, time or other factors.

    Step 2: Engaging our services.

    Following our initial meeting, we send you a confirmation letter outlining the scope of work, services and fees we discussed, along with our Consulting Services Agreement. To hire us, simply return your signed Agreement and initial deposit.

    Step 3: Getting started.

    Depending on the project, a more extensive second meeting or phone call usually follows to gather additional information about your company, your customers, your competitive environment and what you want to accomplish, and to exchange any other items needed to start work.

    To expedite this process, we will often ask you to fill out our customized Marketing Worksheet before we meet. This helps you focus and organize your thoughts, and streamlines our meeting – which saves time and money. This detailed document becomes the foundation of our work together.

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    How do you charge?

    Since each client and project is unique, we provide a competitive estimate after an initial consultation to determine the services needed. Our fees are quoted on an hourly or per project basis – depending on the nature and scope of the work to be performed. We collect half the total estimate at project commencement, and invoice the balance upon completion, with payment due net 15 days after billing.

    Do you have to learn about our business to write about it?

    The amount of background information we need depends on the type, complexity and target audience of the project. A local press release announcing a new staff member usually only requires we get a basic company overview and the pertinent newsworthy facts. A strategic marketing plan or website content warrants a more in depth familiarity with your company, industry, competitors and customers.

    However, it is not our goal to become an expert on your business, so that we maintain our objective value to you and the process. Instead we work closely with you – the true expert – to gain sufficient understanding to tell your story in your "voice," coming from the perspective of your intended customer.

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    Who owns the writing?

    You do (once you pay for it). We may ask to use it as a sample of our work. (Of course, no confidential information we create for you will ever be used or disclosed at any time.)

    I already have something written up. Can you just touch it up?

    Sure. Many times we can take what you already have, and – with a little word polishing or content re-organization – refine it into something that really works, and you are proud to call your own.

    Is everything we discuss confidential?

    Dudley Communications takes the responsibility of protecting our clients’ confidentiality very seriously – during our working relationship and beyond. This applies to correspondence, meeting notes, phone conversations, internal documents, email addresses and other sensitive information. We even put this commitment in writing in our Consulting Agreement.

    Be assured, we will never share your email address or any non-public information about you or your company with third parties without your permission or your request.

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