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"Dudley Communications helped me to present a cohesive picture of who I am, and what I have to offer to my clients. Robin was able to show that my life experiences have all contributed to who I am now, and that the diversity of those experiences has enabled me to master my craft."

- Cathy Francis, Broker Associate, Patterson Realty

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"You can have the world's best product. But if prospective customers don't know and truly believe it will benefit them, you might as well be selling dust."
- Robin Dudley, Dudley Communications

Focusing your message to stand out.

In order to be heard by customers and stay competitive in today's noisy marketplace, you need a:

  • Rock-solid understanding of your differentiation.
  • Firm grasp on the real issues facing your key audiences.
  • Clearly articulated message imbedded with customer benefits.
  • Integrated plan to reach your target audience effectively.
  • Strategic Marketing.

    Using a collaborative, process-driven approach combining 30 years of practical, "in the trenches" business, marketing and copywriting experience, we help you to develop:

       Clarity & Focus - Unified "positioning" that drives all your marketing.
       Your Unique "Story" - To separate you from the crowd.
       Visibility & Credibility - With targeted communications.
       Brand Consistency - Creatively integrated marketing solutions.

    Telling your story.

    As experienced copywriters, editors and content development specialists, our work runs the gamut in marketing communications – from taglines to press releases to editorials to website content

    Public Relations.

    Public Relations (PR) is a powerful marketing tool. More influential and effective than paid advertising, it offers both visibility and credibility – for free. To maximize the probability of being noticed and receiving media coverage, it also requires:

  • A good story to tell.
  • Newsworthy and timely "packaging."
  • Media relationships, PR know-how and persistence.
  • We're PR "pros." Contact us to create "buzz" for your business.


    You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Whether in person, in print, "on the air," or online, that chance only lasts a few seconds – or less if the visitor moves on, "tunes out" or clicks away because your message is unclear, poorly presented or eludes their basic question: "What’s here for me?"

    Let us show you how to effectively weave your company’s compelling story around a clear "positioning" strategy to attract new customers, the media and Internet search engines.

    Our Approach

    Our straight-forward, pragmatic approach to marketing and well-rounded perspective reflects not only what we know, but also where we've been – on every side of the business equation.

    To find out more about how we work, please see these and other topics on our FAQ Page.

  • What to expect when working with us.
  • How we charge.
  • Getting started.
  • Call today for a complementary initial appointment to discuss your needs.

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